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   Shanghai Broad Standard Engineering facilities Limited company (permanent Yuan light sound limited company) is a multiplex development company,Not only the enterprise has the specialty production base and the high-tech product research and development troop, meanwhile may undertake construction the public broadcast system, the conference system and so on various types network project, and may provide the equipment for the demand to rent,
   The company specialized production processes the stage computer lamp, large-scale laser lamp, outdoors landscape illumination lamps and lanterns; The proxy imports the well-known brand light sound and so on many series.The construction engineering project content is: The theater, the sports facility, the main hall office light, the amplifying system, the school, the hotel, the market public broadcast and the background music system, the recreation area sound amplification, the light, the quantity sells the type KTV system, the large-scale conference system, the large-scale flowing performance acousto-optics equipment rents and so on.
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